Junior Golf

   2022 Golf Op 36 at Blue Rock Springs Details and Schedule Below!


Golf Op 36 Semesters will continue in the Spring of 2022. Winter Junior Instruction will focus on mini-camps available for beginning golfers. New to the Junior Programs at Blue Rock Springs is the Advanced Placement Academy that focuses on moving Juniors into playing competitive golf. Information on the Advanced Placement Academy is listed below:


$200/month Academy Fee Includes:

Group Sessions working on all facets of game - 4 per Month

Customized practice plans for each student

One (1) 30-minute private lesson/month - Scheduled Separately

Discount on additional private lessons & monthly practice range ball card included ($36 Value)

Priority access to BRS PGA Jr. League teams - Spring & Fall 2021

Sign Up in Quarters (3 Months) - $525 

This academy is designed for the intermediate to advanced junior golfer that is playing competitively or desires to do so in the near future (high school, junior tour (s), or future collegiate). Stemming from our introductory Junior Op36 Program, this academy will focus on advanced techniques and skills which include full swing, shot shaping, short game, putting, course management and recovery shots, fitness, and nutrition outside but expanded from the Op36 curriculum. The Op36 program will run concurrently with the Advanced Placement Academy and encourage students that excel in the beginner’s class to continue their pursuit into competitive golf.    

With competitive golf being results-driven, instruction will occur both on the range and on the golf course. For growing golfers, it is vital to learn and apply instruction focused on improving in-play ability. By using a combination of group and private instruction, using video analysis and launch monitor data, this program will have your junior golfer in position to meet their goals of playing competitive golf.

Academy will open in February with the first group session on Saturday, February 5th and headed by Lead Golf Instructor Chris Curnutt. All sessions will be on either Saturday or Sunday unless otherwise specified. Specific times and days will be announced following the new year.

Chris can be reached at chris@bluerockspringsgolf.com

Advanced Placement Schedule For March

March 5th - 12pm-1pm

Dynamic Warmup, Discussion on importance of Wedge play, Demonstration on ½, ¾, and full wedges. Wedge work on range.


March 12th - 12pm - 1pm

Dynamic Warmup, Speed drills/exercises, discussion and demo on hitting draws and fades, Range work on execution of discussed fundamentals.


March 19th - 12pm - 1pm 

Dynamic Warmup, Speed drills/exercises, discussion and demo on trajectory control, Range work on trajectory execution.


March 19th - 3pm

9 hole tournament. $20 entry fee. Tees will be determined based on skill level/age. A portion of the entry fee will be placed in a prize fund. 


March 26th - 4pm - 5pm

Dynamic warmup, Discussion on importance of course management and mental processes. On course scenarios for decision making work. 


30 minute private lesson slots will be available from 1pm - 2pm after each group class. These slots will need to be scheduled with Chris ahead of time.