See information below for Group Clinics with LPGA and PGA instructors Rebecka Heinmert and Chris Curnutt

Ladie's Group Clinics w/ Rebecka Heinmert
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How-To Series w/ Chris Curnutt
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“How-To” Series

The “How-To” Series is an 8-week intermediate level group series taught by instructor Chris Curnutt. This series will cover all major parts of the game and is designed to help you improve your overall game. The cost is $50 per session or $350 for the 8-week series. Please note, it is recommended to take all 8 sessions as they focus on a different yet equally important aspect of the game. Classes will be capped at 8 students. To REGISTER. If you have any additional questions, please contact me at To pay for a "How To" lesson or series CLICK HERE.


Chris Curnutt's "How-To" Series Continues!

All Classes will run on Saturday's from 10am-11am.

04/30 - How to hit bombs

Driver basics focusing on center contact, attack angles, and clubface angles to get you hitting your best drives in time for summer.

05/07 - How to nail the fairway woods

We will explore ball position, setup, and face angles to get you launching your fairway woods.

05/14 - How to chip it close

We will focus on proper setup and consistency of contact to help you turn bogeys into pars.

05/21 - How to make more short putts

Discussion of the key factors causing short misses and the necessary adjustments. 

05/28 - How to hit more greens

We will explore ball position and swing mechanics to get you hitting the irons more solid and on target. We will also explore some mental aspects to help   you pick better targets.

06/04 - How to hit the partial wedges

We will work on proper setup, ball positioning, and usage of bounce to allow the club to work properly.

06/11 - How to lag putt

Focus on controlling length and tempo of stroke to improve distance control. 

06/18 - How to utilize hybrids/long irons

We will focus on pre-shot setup adjustments required to hammer the hybrids and really attack the par 5’s and longer par 4’s.